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Unlimited” Usage Policy And Definitions for Certain Shared Hosting

or web hosting accounts that may be available.


Hostbreak customers now have access to unlimited disk space, bandwidth and data transfer. This means you can use as much disk space and bandwidth as you need to meet your web hosting needs. For the majority of shared web hosting and reseller plans, there is no upper limit on the number of resources that can be used by a single customer in connection with their web hosting. Subject to these terms, Hostbreak will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide its customers with the necessary storage, bandwidth and data transfer resources to power their websites, provided that Hostbreak services by such customers is consistent with ourterms of service . Our goal is to provide the resources needed for a typical website that may experience growth periods, which could lead to an increase in required resources (such as storage disk space or data transfer) without incurring additional costs. hosting.


hostbreak web hosting services are constantly investing in technology and support features. Our web hosting solution has been designed specifically to meet the hosting needs of small businesses and private organizations around the world. Because your website will be hosted with hundreds of others on our servers, within a virtual community, our services are not designed to support the demands of medium and large businesses. In order to meet the needs of the latter, we suggest at the very least the purchase of a virtual private server or a dedicated server solution.

hostbreak web hosting is a shared hosting service, which means that many of our clients’ websites are hosted in the same server environment. In order to ensure that our cheap dedicated server is top quality, reliable and available to all our customers within the server community, the use that a customer makes of its website can not be detrimental to the performance of the sites of other customers. We constantly monitor our servers 24/7/365 and no customer can affect the performance of these servers. If that were the case, we would take all the necessary preventive measures to ensure that the entire community is protected.

Finally, our web hosting services are designed to host websites and should not be used as a backup or storage center for user data. Using your hosting account as a dedicated online storage area for archiving files or electronic images is strictly prohibited. Our servers are only used for web hosting only.


Unlimited disk space: You can create the most elaborate website, with hundreds or thousands of web pages, you will not be penalized for exceeding the limits. However, be aware that there are many other users hosted on the same server as you; the oversized and rapid growth of a website may have a negative impact on other clients hosted on that same server. We will impose some constraints on how quickly you can grow your site and closely monitor server resources. However, the vast majority of our customers’ sites grow at a  pace that does not exceed our established parameters and regulations; these will not be affected.

Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfers: hostbreak does not limit the amount of traffic a website can receive or the amount of content a customer can upload to their website in a month. The bandwidth and data transfer costs of hostbreak are all inclusive; no additional fees will be charged for increased bandwidth usage provided the customer complies with the terms of service cheap dedicated server This rule only applies when you are over-consuming the server’s processing capacity, which can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the server and, as a result, on the customer experience of the server community. Reducing the impact on a server’s processing capacity is paramount to its performance. In most cases, if you use web Reseller Hosting services appropriately, visitors to your site will be able to view, download, and add as much content as desired. However, in some situations, our server’s processing capacity, memory, or anti-abuse controls may limit downloads or access to your site. Any breach of the above mentioned regulations will not be tolerated.

Unlimited hosting space, but excessive MySQL files: For the majority of hostbreak shared web hosting and reseller packages, we set no limit on the amount of disk space or data transfer for an individual customer account and we do not charge any additional fees for increased usage, provided the customer complies with our terms of service. However, hostbreak services are designed to host websites and, as a result, we do NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backups or archiving of files, electronic documents, log files, etc .; such activities may result in termination of the customer’s account (s) without notice. In addition, accounts with an extraordinary number of files can have a detrimental effect on server performance. This includes, but is not limited to, accounts with an excessive number of MySQL / PostgreSQL tables or a database whose size may have a negative impact on the performance of our servers. hostbreak might require the number of files / nodes,

Unlimited Domain Hosting: Most hostbreak shared plans and resellers have no upper limit on the number of domains that a customer can link to their web hosting account.

For more information on the terms of service, please refer to the “Acceptable Use” section of our Terms of Service.

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