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This Game Has Been The Subject Of Several Requests. That’s Done –

The principle is very close to the ocean of games  on the continents . There are two games in fact so as to clearly identify the name of the continents on the one hand and their location on the other hand. Because knowing the name of the 5 oceans is good but if we do not know how to locate them on a map, it’s still a shame!

The problem that we can have is that the Earth being round (if si! ^^), its visualization in a 2D space implies some imperfections on certain proportions which are close to the poles ocean of games The transition to 3D is still possible but it would have greatly complicated the realization and apprehension of the activity especially for young players …

So, it may be interesting to complete this activity by observing a globe that allows to have more accurate dimensions.

The first game will ask to click on the designated ocean.

The second game will ask to click on the name of a highlighted ocean. Then write it through an edit box. Beware of mistakes (uppercase / lowercase letters are not taken into account to limit damage).

If the game was successful without error, the player gets a cut, kept from one session to another (the button at the bottom left on the home page allows to delete these cuts).

Know that there are 5 oceans:

  • The Pacific Ocean (the largest in the world)
  • The Atlantic Ocean (which borders a large part of the French maritime borders)
  • The Indian ocean of games (which separates East Africa with Asia and Oceania)
  • The Arctic Ocean (at the North Pole)
  • The Southern Ocean (at the South Pole)

Even if the child does not know these oceans well or badly, after two or three parts, he will know them. A booster shot from time to time will be required of course. And, again, an extension via a globe (or Google map to the limit), will be valuable to deepen the knowledge and to make a more accurate representation of dimensions.

This can be done downstream or upstream, of course.

The game works on pc  mac but also on tablets  smartphones.

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