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The Trickiest Way to Win Clash of Clans

Being one of the popular games by far, this clash of clans is not easy to win as well. Upgrading your town halls, learning to attack on your opponents, training and building your clans while you are attacking, keeping an eye on clash of clans cheats as well as hacks, choosing stronger clash of clans defense layout- all these things matter a lot, th9 war base best guide is all about Clash of Clans. Let us check out these trickiest strategies in detail:

Avoiding Upgrading Your Town Hall Too Much Fast:

There is really no and such need to upgrade your town halls in clash of clans too much fastly. If you can really afford to upgrade your town halls then you can do that! Remember that higher and bigger your town hall level will be, then less likely you will be able to earn and get loot from your raids. In the beginning, you can upgrade your base buildings up to the maximum levels and then later on you can upgrade your town hall. Till level 5, a player will not face any kind of penalty while he will be upgrading his town hall but as soon as he will reach to level 6 and more, he needs to decide properly that what can be the right time to make an upgrading in his Clash of Clans town hall.

Learning Attacking Strategy in Clash of Clans:

This game clash of clans is about balancing defense, attacking strategies. Come up with trickiest and clever army strategies. You should clearly know that which troops you want to upgrade first. Devise a strategy that how you will be attacking on your opponent army. Learn where to attack, do learn how to attack before you play this game Clash of Clans. Direct your troops before they make a final reach on ground. Always look where you have to attack. You can use these visual cues so that you can completely get an idea that where you need to make an attack!

Training Your Troops While You Are Attacking:

You should not only focus your attention on defense, offense strategies. Instead try to keep on upgrading your troops while you are attacking on your opponents. You should constantly watch out and monitoring your base as well as your troops.

Avail Valid Clash of Clans Cheats, Hacks:

These clash of clans cheats, hacks, they do make this claim that they can offer you free gems, free gold and also free elixir as well as free dark elixir. But a player should avail valid clash of clans hacks and cheat tools.

Fans of this game clash of clans, they can stay tuned with so that we can let them know about clash of clans defense layout strategies as well. Make this game interesting by devising and creating more interesting strategies. Trick and dodge your opponents. Give them tough and rough time. If you want more strategies, then visit this link: http://www.cocth9warbase.com


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