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The Pieces Of The Costume – Buy Suits Toronto Jacket

The jacket is the centerpiece. It is a little difficult purchase for its price and its varieties of morphologies.

Take it with two buttons. The upper button should ideally be one or two centimeters above your belly button.

We remind the board to take gray or navy blue, which easily marry with other colors and therefore styles.

The cut needs to be straight or slightly fitted, with two slits in the back.

Look at the shoulders first to find out if it’s up to you. The wider your shoulder, the wider the backs will be (from 5 centimeters to 8).

If your chest feels tight once the button is closed, look at the top size.

Bending is essential: the jacket once closed must make a beautiful silhouette without excessive creases, and marry your bust. Feel free to try several.

As part of the buy suits Toronto, a jacket should cover the buttocks.

Know during your purchases that it is possible to touch the length of the sleeves, bending or back.


Another basic essential to any man, the white shirt will go with all your costumes. For the formal / work side, having four will be a good guarantee. You can then diversify with sky blue pieces, or discrete gray, blue or red striped patterns.

Rely on the seams: at the shoulders they should be at the level of the bony protuberances, and do not leave too much space under the armpits.

Pay special attention to the collar and cuffs: collar stiffened by preferably removable whales so as not to risk damaging it when you apply the iron. For its size it depends on the lapels of the jacket, the big necks with two or three buttons are to flee like the plague.

The length of the sleeves will be your main occupation, especially if you have the build: when your arms are along the body, you must see a centimeter of wrist protruding from the sleeve of the jacket.


Choose pants with a fitted cut, with the leg narrower than the thigh. Two cuts are to remember:

Straight cut: universal, it suits everyone, especially the big ones.

Tapered cut: more modern, the pants are narrowed at the ankle. To remember especially for people of small size (less than 1m65).

What’s important here is that the pants should break the shoes a bit and make a nice fall on their lapels. And not drag on the ground in the image of the commercial (hello the presence …).

Make a hem high enough, higher than the one you could do on jeans. It is normal for the socks to be visible while seated.


Little to say here, except that sobriety is in order! Fine, smooth leather with a simple buckle. Match the color with that of the shoes.

Shoes and socks

Shoes are the crucial element that determines a successful buy suits toronto. Your budget should be especially dedicated to it:

Take shoes with stitched soles and leathers good enough for better value for money / durability.

For the buy suits toronto, look rather towards brown oxfords. You would have to take two pairs to allow the leather to breathe and thus preserve their condition.

To make it easier to choose your socks, you can either pair them with shoes or with the pants. Give priority to the darkest color. For the length, it must arrive at mid calf. No exception!

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