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Personalized Cardboard Cups or Customizable Card Holders

Do you know this brand? I like their logo, anyway! Who are they? I had never noticed them before!

We all know that ‘branding’ is important for the development of a brand, but it is usually an expensive operation.

It is often accepted that this high cost is justified because effective branding can lead to remarkable results that can often increase sales exponentially.

This is not surprising when you know that this makes your customer base recognize your brand immediately, and helps make it stand out.

Unfortunately, your enthusiasm may be somewhat dampened by the prohibitive price often demanded by the advertising and communication agencies.

It is likely that these agencies will offer you a huge budget to cover advertising ads or even commercials for television.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to these expensive campaigns that are just as effective. Among them is the option of inset Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  personalized with the logo of your company.

Whether at their place of work, or for the organization of different events, it is more common to use cups all identical and non-personalized. Yet the benefits of custom insert cups are very numerous.

So, why not have your cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  customized the next time you get them? Who knows, the benefits could exceed your expectations and be very beneficial to your brand image, especially in these times of economic crisis.

What do people discuss when they are gathered around a coffee? Why are custom cardboard goblets so effective as a marketing tool?

Imagine the times when these are used. In a small group, around the coffee machine. A special event to promote your business. Or even an impromptu party, celebrating an important moment. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that in many cases, the discussion will turn to the attractive logo printed on the Personalised Eco Coffee Cup 

  • … ” Who are these people?”
  • “Have you ever tried this brand?” …
  • … “I like this logo.”
  • ” I had never heard of them, and you? “
  • … “Who are they ?”

In fact, the feedback gathered by using your gobets in custom boxes does not even need to be all positive to have an impact.

The important thing is that your brand is known, discussed, and people remember it. Some people may even talk about it again at another store or point of sale where your brand is stored.

In a world where you are inundated with new brands every day, being able to speak lasienne is an effective way to stand out.

For example, when looking at the cost of taking an advertising car compared to using custom cardboard cups, there is no comparison. The benefits of using custom cardboard cups are enormous, at minimal cost.

“People will remember more than one brand printed on a cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  which invites discussion and take their time, than a billboard in front of which they will pass quickly, without paying much attention to it”

Or millions of viewers, distractedly watching a television commercial, with the sound cut, as is often the case during the commercial break, interrupting their favorite show.

So it’s easy to generate more brand advertising by word of mouth than your custom cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  rather than using other, more expensive marketing options.

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