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How To Be Admitted To A Good High School?

How is the assignment writing help  in public high schools? The anxiety of many families, especially in Paris, where they must make eight wishes. Le Figaro gives his tips for getting the high school of his dreams.

What high school will I be next year? This is the “question” that every 3rd grade student asks himself. Anguish for families that has a mysterious name: Affelnet. Since 2008, this computer software distributes college students in public high schools. If the system is fairly simple in the province, in Paris, the process is a bit more complex because families can apply to a greater number of high schools because of the transport facilities.

What changes this year?

Nothing new, except that the various rectorates have made a lot of efforts of transparency. For example, the Paris Academy has released an Affelnet tutorial! (to see further). “If there are changes, it will be for next year, on the occasion of patent reform,” says Laurent Hugot, head of the academic service of information and guidance (CSAIO) of the Academy of Paris.

How to make your wishes?

The essential element of Affelnet is the greeting card to fill out. Normally, the college gives it to students. It is also possible to download it on the Academy’s website, as here in Paris. To know the rating of high schools, we advise you to consult the ranking of the mentions very well , and the general classification of high schools published by Le Figaro.

What is the deadline for classifying high schools?

Families have until May 20 to return this card to the college or directly to the rectorate.

How many wishes must be put?

On this card, it is possible to classify from three to eight establishments according to the academies (eight in Paris). It is necessary to choose among the establishments of its academy and to ask at least one establishment in its geographical area of ​​service (this one is specified on the site of the rectorat). “You really have to put the maximum of wishes allowed. The vow granted will necessarily be in this list, but by putting only one wish a candidate takes the risk of being empty-handed “, warns Laurent Hugot, head of the academic service of the information and the orientation (CSAIO) of the academy of Paris.

How are college students assigned, according to what criteria?

The rectorate will affect college students by taking into account the pupil’s place of residence (and not the address of the college where he / she is attending school). But that’s not the only criterion. Each rectorate classifies the applications according to the elements of the student’s file: scholarship student, notes to the continuous control of the DNB (national diploma of the patent), geographical proximity, reconciliation of siblings. Each criterion corresponds to a number of points. Obviously, the more points the student has, the more likely he is to get what he wants.

How is the assignment writing help  in Paris?

It is in Paris that the school map (visible on the site of the rectorat of Paris ) is the most flexible. The city is divided into four districts, and the college students have to make eight wishes, at least one in his district. Here is the scale:

■ Social criteria (scholarship students): 300 points.

■ Teaching Criteria (marks obtained at continuous patent examination): 600 points.

■ Geographical criteria (high school located in his district): 600 points.

Which notes are taken into account?

The Academy of Paris collects the marks of each student in 11 subjects of the continuous control which count for the patent. Then, based on the exam results of each college the previous year, the academy will apply a formula to smooth these notes. This makes it possible not to disadvantage college students in a school where teachers are more severe.

A college student who studies a rare language will not be a priority in a high school

Can a rare language be used in a particular high school?

There is no point in doing Chinese to get around the school map, it’s lost! “A pupil who makes a rare language in college will not be automatically assigned to a high school that offers this language,” insists Laurent Hugot. “Indeed, it adds, Paris has the particularity of offering rare languages ​​in” inter-school teaching, the students of several institutions are then grouped “.

How to get around the school map?

The secret boot is the inter-academic classes. These are classes that recruit in an entire region. Obviously, it’s better to have a hobby! In Paris, for example, there is the rugby class at Lycée Carnot, dance and music at Lycée Racine, Boulle School for Art, tennis at Lycée La Fontaine, international sections at Balzac High School for foreign languages. . The exact list is on the site of the rectorate.To try your luck, you have to send a school file, a letter of motivation, to pass tests or to have letters of recommendation of a club, a Conservatory. Attention, it is not enough to have a good level in music or dance, but a good average too (around 15/20). Indeed, the high school student will follow a teaching in schedules arranged. We have to keep up! Not to mention that there can be a big difference in level between the suburban college from which the student is born and the coveted Parisian high school. “From 15/20, I went to 11,” says a student who arrived at Lycée Carnot rugby section.

How to return to high school Henri IV and Louis Le Grand?

The high schools of the Sainte Geneviève mountain are dreaming! High schools Henri IV and Louis Le-Grand recruit throughout the Ile-de-France. It is possible to seek the opinion of the headmaster (before April 4) and send him the quarterly newsletters and a cover letter. After this date, or even with a negative opinion, a family can still apply to the rectorate, by sending this form.

Is it possible to challenge the decision?

“You should know that 90% of college students are assigned to the first round, the others are assigned early July,” says Laurent Hugot, Academy of Paris. The resume makers fall on the day of the last test of the patent, June 24, by mail, but also directly on the Academy website by returning his student number (indicated on the bulletin). Attention, some high schools have low capacity. This is the case of the Lycée Charlemagne in Paris in particular, whose parents complain each year. “All the students of the college Charlemagne will have no place in the high school of the same name, they will be treated like the others,” insists Laurent Hugot. “If a student has not obtained anything, he must make an appointment with the principal to make other wishes.

If it does not suit them, the family can ask for a review on the occasion of a rectoral commission to be held at the end of August. “I do not count any more allergies to the plane trees of such high school,” laughs Laurent Hugot, who advises to enroll in the high school where one is assigned, even if one wishes to ask another establishment. “We solve problems on a case-by-case basis, because at that time we can see exactly where there are places,” he says.

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