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Installing The Solar Shutter – Vertical Blinds For Windows

The installation work of a solar venetial blinds for windows is simpler than the installation of a roller shutter with electric motor. Indeed, the steps of connection to the electrical network greatly complicate the installation of a conventional electric roller shutter. Thanks to solar energy, it is therefore easier to attach a solar roller shutter and put it in place. Its installation avoids any passage of electrical cables. Here are the steps of the work to install a solar venetial blinds for windows yourself.

First, prepare the window for the arrival of the new component. So you will put the profiles starting with the bottom one that must be centered and screw directly on the opening. As for the side profiles, it is necessary to remove the ones from the top of which one raises the screws and on which a trick consists in putting a pellet of putty to maintain the water tightness. You can now use screws to fix the side profile before resting the top profile of the frame.

When installing the trunk of the solar roller shutter, take care to nest it gently and delicately and carefully check that the rubber flap is well placed over the window over the entire width of the frame, to avoid infiltration of rain. The trunk must now be lowered as much as possible in order to fix it in its position of use thanks to the safety screws.

The pose is almost complete, it remains still to install and fix the side rails and the opening limiters. To complete your work, all you have to do is turn on the shutter using the remote control. It’s very simple, just press the “stop” and then “down” button and let the shutter perform this first descent without interrupting it. From there, solar energy does the rest and you can enjoy your new shutters.

If the remote control is not synchronized with your venetial blinds for windows, it is not necessary to disassemble your solar shutter. Simply refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and repeat a synchronization sequence between the remote control and the solar-powered engine.

How to install a Velux solar roller shutter?

To better guide you in the installation of a solar roller shutter for roof window, here is a video presenting step by step the work of installation. Indeed, to put a solar shutter on the roof can seem complicated but it is possible to operate this installation in a few hours only and without the intervention of a professional.

Price of solar shutters

What price for solar shutters? How much do solar shutters cost per window size? The average price of solar shutters is still higher than the price of conventional electric shutters, but it tends to drop and allows for significant savings: no connection work to the electrical system, so no masonry, no charge on the bill electricity at the end of the month (although calculations show that the weight of electric shutters in the EDF bill is limited). It is an investment that can be made immediately profitable on savings made at the time of installation.

Of course, you can buy your solar roller shutter either in specialized stores like Somfy or Lapeyre, or at big DIY stores like Leroy Merlin or Castorama for example. It is also possible to buy its solar component on the internet. So you can easily compare the prices of solar shutters.

Velux, offers roller shutters with standard sizes (78 × 98 cm), compatible with other products of the brand. The choice of materials and colors is not necessarily available in all stores. The call price is slightly less than 500$.

Budendorff and Lapeyre, on the other hand, have more adaptable offers in terms of color and size, and are part of a search for discretion of the exterior cabinet and the photovoltaic plate. The models of Budendorff solar rolling shutters are sold from about $ 460, but the choice of size and the possibility of having additional options can increase it by several hundred Dollars, the average being around 540 $.

Tryba and Somfy also offer venetial blinds for windows either by contacting them directly or at other superstores. The price of Somfy solar shutters are similar to those of the brand Budendorff. The purchase price can be high, but you are assured of optimum quality and longevity.

The average price of shutters ranges between 400 $ and 800 $ depending on the type and size of your window and the brand of the solar shutter. Before purchasing your solar roller shutter, it is necessary to ask your questions about the size of your window in order to have a personalized opinion or simply advice for the installation.

Indeed, the pose is designed to be simple and affordable for all, and each brand can provide after-sales support, but if you still have doubts about the installation by yourself of the component, do not hesitate to call on professionals who will reassure you. The intervention of a specialist may result in an increase in the cost. The intervention is 2 hours on average, it is the rate per hour of craftsmen close to you that you must refer to evaluate the budget.

Quotation Solar Rolling Shutter.

If you plan to install a solar shutter by a professional, it is best to make several requests for quotes to compare costs. Indeed, the price of a carpenter for the installation of a solar shutter can vary from one craftsman to another. The fact of having quotes for solar rolling shutter will allow you to save on the overall cost of the work. To request solar roller shutter quotes with supply and installation of a solar roller shutter, simply fill out the form below.

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