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Has the right time arrived for Rock star Spud the push that he really deserves in his career in the company?


Description: want to know about has the right time arrived for Rock star spud the push that he really deserves in his career in the company? Here you will get all the relevant information to your doubts about him.


Rock star spud was born on January 30, 1983 and made his wrestling debut in 2001. He is a professional wrestler and a former commentator who is signed with TNA (total nonstop action). Spud is a wrestler who is looked at nothing in his whole career and was merely considered the lowest ranking wrestler of the rooster but he has proven all the critics wrong and goes beyond his body limits in order to become a successful wrestler which he only did in TNA. Despite of having a little body and weight he is called the underdog in every match he participated in from any miracle he always finds the way against all odds and win every match. He is particularly very famous because defeating bigger opponents in the ring. He has wrestled Kurt angle, Abyss, Trevor Lee, Jeff Hardy, and many more and mostly won all them by his own hard work. For more details watch wrestling on every weekend only on WWE official network.

  • How he began his early career?

He started his early career on independent circuits and wrestling international promotion matches all over the UK, USA, and Europe sides. Then he joined (FWA) to polish his wrestling skills even more and more. From that point he made so many alliances and rivalries throughout his career which he eventually ended up being the [part of the (PWG) and wrestled there for 8 years.

  • Is he really ready to become a champion in the roster?

He surely is ready because being a champion is the most proud thing a wrestler can ever have and Rock star spud has worked his entire career to be called as the one. But being played by the rules of the company he never ever get that chance because he was always interfering with other’s matches and trying to make the name for himself. watch raw online on every weekend only on WWE Network.

  • Why he is fans favorite so much?

The gimmick he has portrayed has made the fans certainly take interest in him as the 90’s rock star look with goofy attitude is definitely entertaining. But he has also some incredible wrestling moves from whom he has dominated so many larger wrestlers according to his size this is the thing fans love about him.

  • What about his present position in the company?

Right now he is pursuing championships and is in TNA world heavyweight championship tournament. It looks like his heel turn avatar has worked very well for him.











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