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Openings can account for 10 to 15% of heat loss in a habitat. That’s why replacing windows can significantly improve the thermal insulation of the home.

Change your windows: the right reasons

To be better isolated

Openings can account for 10 to 15% of heat loss in a habitat. That’s why replacing windows can significantly improve the thermal insulation of the home. A key, there is thus savings in heating, but also increased comfort thanks in particular to the suppression of the phenomenon of cold wall on the windows and the reduction of the risks of condensation on the interior glass.

In recent years, manufacturers have had to adapt to the regulatory requirements of new and renovated homes as well as new tax incentives (tax credit, Eco loan …) by improving the performance of their products. Thus, the “4/6/4” double glazing from the 1970s gave way to “4/16/4” reinforced thermal insulation glazing (ITR) in the late 1990s, and more recently to triple glazing. Glazing with Argon gas with high energy performance.

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The triple glazing, thanks to its two blades of air, isolates even more cold. On the other hand, the three windows that compose it slow down more the passage of the rays of the sun. It is therefore advisable to install these windows (more expensive) on the north facades. On the other facades, efficient double glazing will be largely sufficient and will make the most of solar gains.

Equipped with reinforced thermal insulation glazing (ITR), the windows protect from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. It is the coefficient Uw (expressed in W / m².K) which gives information on the thermal performance of a window. The lower the coefficient, the better the insulation. The best-performing joineries have thermal coefficients of less than 1.4 W / m².K, an energy gain of 80% compared to single glazing. Heating savings can vary from 10 to 20% depending on the case.

Limit noise pollution

In areas close to transport infrastructure (road, rail or air) or busy streets, good sound insulation may be required. To combat noise effectively, asymmetric double glazing is often used. The noise attenuation is achieved through the use of glasses of different thicknesses to limit the noise in medium and high frequencies. According to the manufacturers, the thickest glass can be located indoors or outdoors. Be careful though, these windows are heavier than conventional double glazing’s and require reinforced frames.

See more clearly.

The renovation of windows is most often to replace the joinery by keeping the old frame (the frame). An effective technique that sometimes results in a decrease in the glass area and therefore a decrease in clarity. To keep, or even increase, the initial glazing area, we can play on the fineness of the joinery to maintain the same thickness as the old opening. For maximum clarity, it is best to avoid small tiles.

To feel safe

High windows can sometimes be a real risk for your children. They are, moreover, privileged access by burglars. Closures play a big role in the security of your home. The choice of doors, windows and windows is to be defined according to the desired level of security … A choice that can prove decisive for insurers in case of break-in or accident.

On average, single- and double-glazed windows withstand 30 seconds of burglary. If you are installing a double glazed laminated window, the time required for an intrusion is 3 minutes. Finally, if you opt for a double-glazed burglar-proof window, the criminal must fight for 6 minutes before the window breaks. Reinforced glass protection can be applied to all types of windows. Several degrees of security for glazing (commonly known as burglar-proof glass) are available.

The quality and strength of the window hardware (nails, screws, hinges, etc.) also play a vital role. Many options are also available to improve the safety and resistance of your windows and thus the safety of your home. Thus, locks, interlocking and security grille discourage the most adventurous burglars. Finally, shutters or shutters provide additional security.

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