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He Maintenance of a Felt Wool Felt:  – Professional Pool Sticks  Good Pool Sticks

To maintain your wool billiard carpet you can brush it after each part respecting the direction of the hair (starting from the line of breakage towards the area of ​​the balls). You will find specific brushes that will allow you to brush evenly the playing surface without forgetting the undersides by following this link: Billiard brushes

  1. Every 30 to 40 parts, you can vacuum (set in minimum position) on the playing surface. Be careful to use a vacuum cleaner head as we recommend: see the vacuum cleaner brush for

good pool sticks

  1. You can use a specific wool carpet spray that will help deepen the carpet’s fibers and will “revive” the playing surface. See the recommended spray by clicking here
  2. Once or twice a year, after having brushed and cleaned your carpet, you can move the iron to the wool position by going through the playing surface band by band respecting the direction of the carpet pile.

If you want to change your carpet, you can contact us at we only sell carpets approved by the billiard federations and are resellers for Iowan Simonies and Goring brands. Many colors are available. We can also install your good pool sticks  rug in the Haunts-de-France, Nord, Pas de Calais and all of Belgium (+/- 480 €).

2: The second type of coating for billiards is that of worsted wool.

Combed wool fabrics have a touch completely different from 100% wool. When you pass your hand on it you feel a finely plaited material. This type of rug is replacing more and more traditional wool carpets in cafes, bowling and other entertainment establishments. It is also increasingly used in competitions and increasingly adopted by the billiard federations.

Compared to the 100% wool pool rug, the worsted wool rug makes playing much faster. The manufacture of this type of carpet requires very specific machines made only for the production of billiard mats. Often only the best wool can be used to produce this type of good pool sticks This is why their price is often much higher than that of 100% wool. Often combed rugs are coupled with nylon (+/- 80% wool and 20% nylon) in order to reinforce the speed and precision of the game. Unlike the wool rug, the combed billiard is called “multidirectional” it does not have any sense of hair, do not form fluff and the maintenance of it is much simpler.

This type of carpet offers more dynamic gaming sensations, has a more homogeneous tension and lasts longer.

The most famous brands in the world for their quality of combed billiard are Iwan Simonis (Belgium) and Farnsworth (UK).

Some features of combi wool rug:

– The balls roll quickly and consistently over time.

– Longer life.

– Do not form lint in time.

– A very fine weaving leaving chalk and dust on the surface facilitating the maintenance of the playing surface.

– Requires little maintenance. Only brushing and vacuuming.

Maintenance of a worsted billiard carpet:

  1. Brush the playing surface every 5 to 10 parts, using a brush also for cleaning under the strips.
  2. Vacuum cleaner (in the lowest position) using a suitable head for cleaning the playing surface.

If you want to change your carpet, you can contact us at we only sell carpets approved by the good pool sticks and are reseller for Iowan Simonies and Goring brand. Many colors (more than 20) are available. We can also install your pool rug in the Haunts-de-France Nord Pas de Calais region and the whole of Belgium (+/- 480 €). If you want to change a carpet yourself we also sell Iowan Simonies fabric alone. Count on average 0.75 cents per centimeter of fabric (width of 1.90 meters).

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