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The Different Motorcycle Insurance Formulas – Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance all risks

It’s the most complete cover. It protects you from almost all the material and bodily harm that you could do to a third party or that you could be victim of, even if your responsibility is committed.

It includes:

  • Motorcycle liability
  • The damage guarantee all accidents
  • The fire warranty
  • Theft warranty
  • The warranty assistance and troubleshooting
  • Ice break guarantee
  • The natural disaster guarantee

Particularly indicated if you have a new motorcycle, powerful or high-end, or just because the fragility of a motorbike on the road requires good protection, free motorcycle insurance quote all risks can quickly become very expensive for risk profiles.

Third-party motorcycle insurance

The motorcycle insurance to third parties, or civil, is the mandatory minimum legal insurance in France and incidentally, the cheapest.

It takes care of all the damage you could cause to a third party, but not those that you might suffer.

This is the formula for runaway motorcycle owners, used motorcycles or for those who rarely take the road. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for savings, know that with third-party insurance, if you get hurt by falling or stealing your two-wheelers, you will not be compensated.

Third-party motorcycle insurance +

Intermediate or third-party free motorcycle insurance quote is between motorcycle all-risk insurance and third-party motorcycle insurance. Less expensive than the first, it offers the rider more protection than the second through additional guarantees such as theft warranty, assistance or fire warranty.

Customize your motorcycle insurance with optional guarantees adapted:

Intermediate free motorcycle insurance quote can be a good compromise protection / savings thanks to the possibility of subscribing additional guarantees. If they increase your annual premium, they also allow you to benefit from tailor-made protection with options such as:

The personal guarantee of the pilot

Legal protection

Assistance 0 km motorcycle

The helmet warranty

The equipment warranty

And motorcycle insurance per kilometer?

Motorcycle insurance per kilometer or “Pay as you drive” (PAYD) is still not widespread. This is the perfect solution for small riders since it allows them to pay only for the kilometers traveled during the year thanks to a dedicated box.

A monthly mileage plan with appropriate pricing is defined at the signing of the contract. For the rest, it’s exactly like traditional insurance: same formulas, same guarantees, and same franchises.

Finally, if your profile or your needs evolve do not forget to update your situation or change your motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance: 7 hours training

Since January 2011, people who want to drive a 125cc have to go through a training of 7h via their motorcycle school. A device that requires a minimum of organization especially for smaller learning institutions. Vehicles, planning, structures adapt. Explanations.

Motorcycle training reminder

We had already mentioned this training in previous articles. This is mandatory training for B license holders who have not driven a two-wheeler for five years.

Proof of motorcycle insurance valid during the last 5 years is therefore sufficient to be free from small training.

For more details, you can re-read Motorcycle Insurance: for who are these 7 hours of mandatory training? And Motorcycle Insurance: 7h training, detailed

The introduction of training in motorcycle schools

For the smallest driving school structures, the introduction of the device of this training requires some small adjustments both in terms of equipment and planning!

The new formation did not discourage motorcycle enthusiasts who willingly played the game, so it was necessary to reorganize the driving schedule.

In addition, some structures have been forced to reinvest in models 125 in order to satisfy the number of customers candidates for training.

Indeed the instructors need motorcycles for the two practical stages of training.

Assurant’s opinion: do not take lightly this short training, first of all because it is obligatory, then because it is indispensable! Mastering a motorcycle is not improvised, the training will provide you the basics to drive safely!

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